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EHS-Solutions incorporates key strengths to address current Environment, Health, and Safety requirements and reach toward global trends in the highest standards and best practices.

  • Field Expertise and Multinational Experience
  • Wide-Ranging EHS Consultant Specialists
  • Large Pool of Trained Manpower for Personnel Sourcing
  • State-of-the-art Technology and Media Departments for Exclusive and Effective Training Materials

Our Team

Clients exploit our talent, expertise, and experience for the EHS-Solutions Advantage. The strength of EHS-Solutions lies in its in-house team of experts working within a broader network of smoothly integrated professional resources in the EHS field. Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and current EHS statutory and legal information, EHS-Solutions maintains proprietary relationships with national and international companies in the field to deliver streamlined processes and savings to you.

Expert Staff

EHS-Solutions tasks under the direction of our expert directors, supported by top-level and well experienced EHS team representing a range of EHS disciplines. Essential in-house departments ensure the immediacy and thoroughness of our response to Client needs for fully-integrated EHS-Solutions:

Information Technology

a comprehensive team of computer programmers, animators, and researchers developing and customizing EHS software and technical solutions for your project, ensuring ease of use and practicality in your project application and management systems maintenance;

Interactive Media

a lively and well-disciplined team of creative specialists, conceiving and producing multiple interactive training aids and films, including our brainchild concept of standardized animated training movies customized per the client’s requirements, as well as our many state-of-the-art production materials for significant and lasting training results;

Audit, Training & Management

guided by our EHS Auditing experts whose extensive multi-disciplinary technical background in large scale industries, Multi National Companies, heavy industry, including all petrochemical industry accessing both local and international EHS experience, leads a team including top-level technically qualified EHS professionals for assessments and training;

EHS Coordination Assurance

In addition to the above departments, EHS-Solutions has field operators who cater to day-to-day requirements at Client work-sites, coordinating implementation support to EHS engineers and ensuring smooth project flow to meet induction timelines and goals. Our departments work together seamlessly to take your EHS development programs from concept to reality. We perform rigorously to the strictest and most stringent EHS standards, allowing your company to lead the way in its field and in overall work standards and productivity throughout the world.

Leading Consultant-Partners

Navigating the complex, interdisciplinary world of EHS compliance requires industry savvy, extensive experience, and a network of specialists in a broad range of fields. Supplementing our in-house expertise, EHS-Solutions has created proprietary professional affiliations with leading consultants in their specialties in order to present comprehensive EHS-Solutions for our clients, including micro-specialty technologies, regional legal and regulatory information and procedures, and related specialized training as required by the Client project.

In addition, many of our affiliated consultants hold specialist qualifications and licenses in related pertinent fields, including Scaffold Inspection, Safety Management Systems, and Job-Site First-Aid, Rigger, Banks man, Tower crane operator by the third party. The consultant relationships we have developed give us thorough coverage in the Construction, petrochemical, Facility Management and operation & Maintenance and Accommodation units allowing EHS-Solutions to deliver the solutions for each Client’s Environmental, Health, and Safety challenges.


EHS-Solutions & Engineering Consultants’ corporate office is located in Chennai. India and more established office at Kuwait. Our corporate center employs cutting-edge technology and resources paired with leading workplace design and outstanding skilled team coordination.

EHS-Solutions offers comprehensive services for all your Environment, Health, and Safety goals to meet your objectives.