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Accident&Incident I&M System


EHS-Solutions conduct onsite accident investigations to ascertain the root cause of an incident. We then develop corrective training programs to educate working personnel of hazardous conditions and implement protective measures to prevent reoccurrence.

EHS-Solutions leads the industry in Construction Safety Management by providing experienced “hands on” Construction Site Safety Management—employing proven tools, techniques, and construction safety training programs and incorporating “Best Practices” of the industry.

Included in our construction safety management and Safety Services system developed for owners and general contractors to establish specific guidelines to be met by contractors and sub-contractors, ensuring a consistent approach to Contractor Safety Management on site. In addition to our key in-house qualifications, our Construction Safety Consultants can provide additional resources for an appropriate prequalification process in consonance with the client and operations of the site.

EHS-Solutions will provide job safety orientation to all Managers, Contractors, and Sub-Contractors conducting work on the construction site project. Construction Job Site Safety Orientation includes Site Specific Safety Rules and Procedures, JSA/JHA/Risk Assessment Training, Safety Observation Training, and any additional training as required for all participant employees.