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From side to side spell world prosperity is cleaned out, behind a long report of impermanent fell in infrastructure, power, high tech, civil-lines, and consumer sectors appealing huge reserves for green building plan and growth or breach of grey element. Below the spell of experienced contest, these great projects are wanted to be put into practice below tense time-schedules which name for examination of extremely high principles of surroundings guard, health-preservation and security maintenance for staff, materials, machineries and work spaces.

EHS - Solutions has been in a straight line and successfully contribute in the field of surroundings, wellbeing and security for a long time and have personally linked with

  • The most important human resources in this field.
  • Safekeeping professional that look forward to increase and a great deal to fit a job assignment.
  • The fresher’s who are involved in the field are health and safekeeping with necessary experience.

It will do something the greatest bridge wherever the stress of the corporation and applicant gather and the best method to concerning it is to create the web-portal particularly to the environment, health and safety industry.


  • Stand on the strict requirement of the customer EHS - Solutions resources EHS personals.
  • EHS - Solutions provide chance to decide the correct applicant from the outsized simplified databank.
  • At the client’s place consultation will be carry out to the short listed applicant.
  • Compromise on payment and stipulations and condition of client's agreement.
  • While an applicant is chosen, EHS - Solutions signs up the agreement and then the job place are fixed to the customer.
  • Employee’s insurance policy coverage.
  • As the client attention, lawful fulfillment, advisor service tax, T.D.S, bank account, PF and ESI are altered.
  • Within 7 functioning days the new applicant will be at the place of work.
  • Monthly management charge.


Potential Applicant Profile:
This is a pre-employment selection tool intended to determine manner, character and knowledge traits linked with qualified, reliable, creative workers.

EHS - Solutions supply staffing/placement of EHS personals, custody in outlook the necessities of business statute and work laws, in the subsequent class.

  • Skilled EHS professional meting out necessary credentials as agreed under the law
  • Fresher share necessary credentials but call for the direction on-the-job post
  • EHS professionals, who encompass obtain knowledge in EHS regulation from side to side the earlier period understanding and familiarity
  • Fresh graduates/Post-graduates in science, arts, commerce hopeful to follow a occupation in EHS regulation

EHS - Solutions has a whole and thorough data-base of all the above point out category of personals on hand in the field, which has been compiled from end to end connections urbanized in excess of the years and afterward from beginning to end a job-portal function by http://www.safetypersonals.com, a auxiliary concern to EHS - Solutions.

Why us

Along with the top employment company in India, to-day AS-EHS has the dissimilarity of being the only corporation all the way through India by means of customers extends more than in 8 States in India and 3 countries across the world.

EHS - Solutions function on a well built-in arrangement: rich live automated (http://www.safetypersonals.com) Data Bank of thousands of candidate rationalized show and selection events and strict testing standard. You can therefore be guaranteed of our excellence services which are manifest from our enlargement year over year.

We encompass well-organized administration by specialized to accomplish our class goal, which are extremely capable in their own technical and decision-making regulation besides having substantial knowledge in manpower sourcing, testing and selection.

We Also

  • Confirm/Set up testimonial & knowledge of candidate.
  • Calculate their individuality.
  • Evaluate their disposition viz-a-viz the organization worth/ethnicity.


To make sure our customers full profit, we offer the excellence of manpower which match with the best in industry, we strove to:
  • We provide our services excellently to develop good business relationship with our clients.
  • Our client’s full commitments will be bitterly served by our quality services. Make TQM the real meaning of our society.
  • Updated step up to assemble the altering requirements of our customers & the industry.
  • To the improved way of life we create nonstop excellence enhancement.