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Environment, Health, and Safety Support Services


EHS-Solutions offers numerous support services for Environment, Health, and Safety issues on the project site. Our services continually expand in response to current trends and regulations influencing corporate liability and reputation.

Environmental Services

We work to ameliorate issues of concern such as environmental impact, audit, policy, and management; water, air, and land contamination; waste management; noise and vibration measurement and impact assessment; and ecological management. Let our expert technical advice be your guide.

To address environmental needs, EHS-Solutions support services include the following:
  • Environmental Baseline Study (EBS)
  • Fully-Implemented Environmental Plans and Procedures Development
  • Qualified Environmental Manpower Sourcing (including engineers, supervisors, inspectors, managers, and other skilled and certified positions)
  • Records and Reporting Procedures Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Project Site Assessment per Regulations and Client Goals (including examination of effects on local population, groundwater, and surrounding environment)
  • Field Surveys and Monitoring to Establish Baseline Pollution Levels
  • Full-Range Environmental Training
  • Environmental Auditing and Resolution for Upcoming Environmental Concerns and Trends
  • Specific Job Impact and Overall Compliance Audits
  • Air Pollution Mitigation
  • Noise Emission Surveys
  • Waste Identification and Management
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Pest Control Services

Health Services

Though EHS-Solutions training primarily focuses on increasing safety through prevention, we also educate personnel on accident response, as well as illness and injury first-aid. Training program staples include accredited courses in Basic and Advanced First- Aid. Additional casualty and emergency simulation prepares your team for actual emergency incidents in the workplace. EHS-Solutions continues to update their Health Support Services, currently offering the following:

  • Audit and Assessment of Health Service Contingencies
  • Assisting employees health surveillances program
  • Health hygiene program
  • Health Awareness Training
  • Paramedic Services
  • Medical Equipment Supply Services

Safety Services

Your facility or project site requires reliable Safety Management procedures at all phases of engineering, production, instrumentation, commissioning, and operations to ensure safety of your personnel, property, and worksite. See our Risk Assessment and Management section for more detailed information on EHS-Solutions Safety Management Systems.