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EHS Auditing and Assessment


Track and analyze your project performance and compliance with Environment, Health, and Safety regulations to ensure effective EHS management. EHS-Solutions offers a full range of services to help clients verify that project operations meet local regulatory requirements—as well as corporate policy per defend procedures—to the best available EHS standards. By keeping your business in line with optimum EHS performance, EHS-Solutions’ auditing and assessment process gives your company the advantage in compliance assurance. EHS-Solutions performs compliance audits for a wide range of businesses and installations, including construction projects, major industrial plants, oil and gas refineries, high rise buildings, hospitality organizations, shopping centers, heavy equipment operations, and traffic management systems. Our lead or support audits conducted by trained and certified environmental auditors assist your facility in meeting corporate guidelines and achieving benchmark operations status. Environmental management standards, including the ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001:2007, will be assessed. Additionally, EHS-Solutions advise our clients on improvements to their own audit processes.

Our audit reports seek to identify and delineate:
  • Root causes of noncompliance deficiencies
  • Potential hazards and risks, prioritized per scope of client impact
  • Regulatory requirements not in compliance
  • Recommendations for improvement Furthermore,

EHS-Solutions maintains expertise and updates to the most current standards, always watching for innovations that may increase economy and efficiency as well as client organizational goodwill.

Audit Services

EHS-Solutions can assist your company with internal EHS audits. For the best on-the-ground understanding of your business operations. Expert EHS auditors fluent in the language spoken at your facility will review official documents, including permits, permit applications, business correspondence, and official records and reports. Our post-audit review conducts further research on applicable regulations, providing experienced interpretations and citations.

Audit Tools

EHS-Solutions may use standard format/standard topic EHS audit protocols or adapt a specially tailored protocol checklist per our client’s internal EHS compliance and management systems. We will coordinate the best tools for your budget and site needs to complete a responsive and successful compliance audit.

Audit Results

Our compliance audit will identifies areas outside of EHS regulations and necessary remedial action. If using the EHS-Solutions Assessment Card option, your audit also will provide a compliance assurance rating for each checklist item as well as an overall EHS-Solutions compliance assurance rating for the facility. This EHS-Solutions Compliance Assurance Rating indicates the facility’s capability to ensure ongoing EHS regulatory compliance. Graphically depicted statistical data gives you a quick picture of the audit rating and areas requiring the most attention in order to ensure continuous compliance. Your rating score can be used to track the facility’s EHS performance and as a comparison with other facilities.

Moreover, an expertly conducted and assessed audit will reduce the potential for harm to the environment, personnel health, or company equipment. An inadequate EHS policy exposes your personnel and facilities to harm and loss of productivity.

Proactively integrated into your EHS planning and development, EHS-Solutions expert compliance audit acts as the gateway to better regulatory compliance and overall project performance. Your diligence in obtaining and applying the EHS-Solutions audit will help protect you regarding possible legal actions and future public accountability, enabling informed decision-making for your property and personnel, operations, and investments.