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Plans & Procedures

EHS - Solutions help in increasing an incorporated cost effectual Health, Safety and Environment Management Policies, Plans and Procedures. Alternatively, specific individual Management Policies, Plans and Procedures so as to are a main concern are also planned and bring, taking into explanation obtainable resources within the facility.


We work in close co-operation with the site-team during its development and assist you with

  • Setting your EHS Policy
  • Determining site's exact Environmental, Fitness and Safety Risks
  • Risk Ranking and Assessment of Impacts to E H & S
  • Pro-active and Preventive arrangements
  • Post-occurrence preparations
  • Emergency Preparedness

AND we facilitate the Implementation of the system with:

  • The expansion of procedures for scheming the EHS Risks and guidance of your staff on accomplishment of these procedures
  • Setting Objectives and objective to meet your Contractual & Continual development promise
  • The development and follow-up of EHS procedures, to meet the Objectives and Targets
  • The development and accomplishment of an well-organized and cost-effective certification and Control system with software